A simple party

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
A simple party

Dan was in his car going to a high school "/party/">party" he finally got to the driveway and notice all the cars were of most of his friends. A sigh of relif came over Dan as he knocked on the front door. Bryan opened and said hey dude! Er.. Hi Dan replied.
Dan walked in and gasped. The house was breathtaking. But he also noticed that Austin was there looking deeply in his eyes.

Dan had a crush on Austin in 5th grade he never knew he was gay but never told anyone. But something about austin made his cock erect suddenly. Shawn was serving punch in the living room. You sure you didn't spike it? Scott asked. Nope not this time Shawn smirked. They got the x-box on and started playing. Soon Austin asked if he could use the bathroom. Upstairs Shawn said. As austin ran up bryan yelled Austin! And ran over to him. Dan could not help but looking and could not belive what he saw. Bryan and moved his hand and was feeling austins crotch. After that bryan walked up with him. This was dans chance he snuck out and went upstairs.

He heard moaning of pleasure that made his cock hit his boxers.he went quietly by the masterbedroom and saw bryan sucking in up and down movents of austins /cock/large-cock/">large cock. You like that /bitch/">bitch? Bryan whispered as he pumped it up and precum came out. Dan couldn't help but start rubbing his cock also.Then Austin said looks like Dan wants to play! Dan froze as Bryan got the wwwxxx up and pulled him into the room.

Austin started pumping his fist as more precum shot out. Dan was put on the bed. His rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick was aching for air and sucking. Bryan knew exactly what Dan needed he unzipped his pants and started rubbing dans cock. Austin then waved his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock in dans face throwing precum in his mouth. Dan couldn't help he was too horny. So he took of his own boxers showing his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. What a dick bryan said and he started to suck. Dan wwwxxx started moaning ooOO YES As he shot More precum. Austin couldn't wait. So he went behind Bryan and said don't worry I have a condom on. Then put his dick head in Bryans /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. Bryan started screaming ahh AHH.

While still sucking dans cock. Dan could not hold it in. He finally shot his load into bryan mouth. Bryan swallowed most of the warm cum but some flowed down the cracks of his mouth. Bryan then said god bitch you have tasty cum. The door flew open as scott and Shawn stand there. Dan saw a buldge in scotts pants. Shawn broke the awkard moment and said can we play? As the night went on they sucked their rock hard dicks and fucked each other.

In the end they measured there dicks and Dan had the biggest dick of them all. Dan was very glad to cum to the party.