Beth becomes BimboSlut

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Beth becomes BimboSlut

Beth was the kind of wife every man wanted. Intelligent, classy, successful, a great smile and a body to die for. We'd been married a few months and had a /good/good-sex/">good sex life but she was a bit more uptight then I wanted. She was from a small town, considered herself a /good/good-girl/">good girl and was pretty inexperienced. I had taught her a couple of things but there were other things I wanted she just wasn't into. Just too many inhibitions it seemed. Now, like I said she was a hottie and really fucking smart and I loved that about her but sometimes, like in bed, being smart was a drawback for her. Being the Perv I am I had a plan for Beth and it didn't involve her brain! 

I searched for a couple of weeks until I came upon an ad in this Euro-porn magazine selling a CD called "Bimbo Tranzformation". It seemed to be some run of the mill classical music but the interesting part was that it claimed to contain subliminal messages which when heard only one time would program even the smartest woman to become a brainless Bimbo on command. I didn't really think it would work but it was only a few bucks so I thought I'd give it a try so I ordered it.

While I waited for the CD to arrive I planned and fantasized about the ways I wanted my wife. Yeah...big hair, slutty make up, clothes and shoes...I wanted her to look like a cheap harlot. I dreamed about my smart, classy wife turned into a brainless, fuck machine...a silly slut who gets off on being my toy and eye/arm candy. Man, I hoped that CD worked! About a week went by, I had bought some props for her in case the transformation worked and was eager and prepared when the package arrived.

It was already Thursday afternoon and I wanted to get the ball rolling, or rather get Balling Beth, so I studied the instructions. All I had to do was get my wife to listen to one song then say a codeword immediately after that will be the switch between blowjob porn videos Beth and Bimbo. Well, I had fantasized about having a /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy...a pet, so I decided on "Pet". I would wait until tomorrow and put my plan into action.

I got ready just before time for Beth to come home and enjoyed a little wine and a joint. About 5:15 I heard her come in the front door. I got up and kissed her hello and we chatted for a bit until I grabbed my CD walkman and told her I had a song I wanted her to check out. She mentioned she needed a shower but took the headphones to listen anyway. I waited, trying to hide my excitement as she listened. After around 3 minutes she took the headphones off and handed them back to me. "That's nice", she said. I looked her in the eyes and said my word-"Pet".

She looked at me strangely for a second and then said "What did you say?". I was taken aback- the CD obviously hadn't worked! What would she say when she went in the bedroom and saw the things I'd gotten for her? I tried to play it cool and said "Oh, I just said Pet..." I stopped in mid-sentence, Beth's eye's had rolled back in her head and she was trembling...I started to get worried until she looked at me, gave me a great big empty-headed smile, leaned over and kissed me and said "I missed you so much today, Sir" in a little girl voice. Ha! Yes! It had worked. I told her I missed her too but that I wanted her to get cleaned up and dress in the things I had bought for her. She giggled in a child like way I had never heard from her before and scurried into the bathroom.

I had to wait about an hour but, shit, it was worth it. She had put on the stuff I'd gotten and fuck she filled it out just right. Big purple, platform slut shoes; sheer white stockings; tiny, tight sheer purple hot pants that showed every inch of her stunning, bubble butt and I could see her thick, moist cunt lips pressing against the fabric. Beth had /tits/big-tits/">big tits and the white sheer top, which was little more that a tie-in-front bra, pushed them together and up making my wife look like the big titted bimbo she now was. God, she looked so hot, so whorish... her long dark hair was teased up big and she wore more make-up and jewelry than any good girl ever would. She approached me swaying her hips, a big smile on her face chewing and popping the pink bubble gum I had left with her clothes. You could almost hear the boom-va-va-voom music, I laughed to myself! She stepped up to me and giggled her silly, girlish giggle and said in her baby girl voice "ooooooh, I supposedta make my Daddy-O feel good, rite?". I grabbed her roughly around the waist and kissed her red pouty lips. "You gonna be a good little Bimbo Slut for me Beth?" I said peering into her eyes. "Oh, YES Sir" the brainless little tart said. "I wanna be your bouncie, wittle slut with big tittees!! *giggle* 'cause all I need to be able to milf porn videos do rite is fuck and suck!!!!" Oh, yeah, it was going to be a great night, "that's right I said."

I pulled the little airhead over to the couch and sat down. "Get on your knees, Beth" I ordered. She looked confused a minute and stumbled into position...what a ditz. I loved it. My brainy wife was fast becoming the brainless sex machine I'd always wanted. She looked up at me her voice now consistantly higher pitched and said "like, *giggle* should I suck your cock, Sir?" I looked at the dopey grin on her face and told her to suck but not to make me cum while I sit back and smoke some weed. She wasn't an experienced cocksucker but with her transformation came some fantastic skills. She slurped my cock like an eager puppy, cooing and occasionally giggling. Now and then, I'd stop her and blow some smoke into her mouth to make sure she was REALLY out of it. I watched her head bob up and down on my throbbing prick. Her tongue was painting every inch of my cock and she never stopped smiling. She looked me directly in the eyes, her intelligence gone, nothing left but a mindless slut eager to please. "I just love your /cock/big-cock/">big cock, Sir" she said in her new Bimbo voice. "Can I PLEASE taste your cum *giggle*?!?"

I laughed, "You're a filthy little /whore/">whore aren't ya, Beth? In fact I don't think the name Beth fits you anymore. How about I just call you BimboSlut?" The silly little girl was trying to think and I could tell it was a big effort. "Bimbo...Bimbo..." she stammered. I laughed even harder, she couldn't even recall the name but I'd make sure she got reminded enough. "BimboSlut, that's what and who you are". Her face lit up as her little brain remembered "BimboSlut, that's ME!" she squealed with glee "Kewl!". "It sure is, baby, and now it's feeding time for BimboSlut". She gave an eager "Oh, boy! *giggle*" as I stood up from the couch. 

I positioned myself in front of her and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She was now looking straight up at the ceiling..."stick your tongue out, BimboSlut" I ordered. She did, it's tip brushing across the head of my cock and then coming to rest near her chin. My /gorgeous/">gorgeous, classy wife reduced to a bimbo was turning me on like I couldn't believe and so I began to smack the head of my cock her tongue. She made a noise like "a-a-a-ah" and bubbled with giggles while stretching up to meet each whack with her tongue. I started to slide my cock into her mouth and pull it out- the little dumbslut made a game of trying to catch my cock in her soft lips. Beth may have been uptight but BimboSlut was dumb as a box of rocks, loose and having the time of her life. I'd had enough for the moment and the urge to paint my slutty little wife's face caused me to begin stroking my cock. 

I looked down at BimboSlut, her beautiful brown eyes full of excitement, shit, my wife was a doll I thought, just as I started blowing hot ropes of my DNA across her eager face. She squealed "weeeeeeeee!" like a little girl on a merry-go-round and began to swallow the jizz that splashed in her waiting mouth. Damn, what would she have thought if Beth could've seen BimboSlut on tape, slurping up ball juice with big strings of it running down her chin! I shoved my cock in her mouth and told her to clean me up. The silly little slut tried to talk and suck at the same time but all I heard was "mmmmmm". I pulled my now softneing rod from her lips and ordered her to clean all my cum from her face. Making a show of it for me my little piece of cock candy wiped each drop with her finger and licked it off before swallowing it. 

I wanted a little break so I ordered BimboSlut to get me a drink while I relaxed. She was a dumb little thing and it took her a while to figure it all out but before too long she skipped into the room, gum popping, fun bags bouncing and a big, silly, beautiful smile on her face. She dropped to her knees before me and raised the drink to me "uh, like, *giggle* yer drink, Sir". I took a few swallows and wondered to myself if this transformation thing would work again. I wasn't sure so I decided to use my little wife up good just in case! 

I realized I had to piss and started to get up but there was BimboSlut still on her knees, twirling her hair with a finger and looking bored. This little airhead was going to need constant attention, I laughed to myself. I stood up again and her eyes lit up as she automatically went to suck but I stopped her and told her to sit tight and keep her mouth open...I needed to piss. I watched a look of confusion go across her face and then a sudden look of realization as this formerly 162 IQ dumb chick figured out what I meant. She looked a little nervous but managed an "O-ok". "Good girl" I said "and you want to drink it all up to please your Daddy-O don'tchya?" Again that eager look was in her eyes and it was plain my pleasure and approval were the only things she was capable of even comprehending at the moment..."Oh, Sir, oh I want to be your little /slut/piss-slut/">piss slut*giggle*". She raved on about my "big and beautiful" dick while I worked up to piss. She must have about a 62 IQ now I mused. I looked at her and we locked eyes, I began to tell her what a silly little tart she her body was my I was going to piss all over her pretty little face.