Victorias Secret

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Victorias Secret

(This is a sequel to ’Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’ which was posted on October 21)

After experiencing the tragic death of my very first lover, David, and then being sodomized by the renegade cop, I swore off men. At least for the rest of the summer. It would be just me and my fingers and vibrator. So I thought.

I met Victoria at the gym. Beautiful. Tall, jet black hair, and milky white skin. Early thirties. She showed me the family pictures. Handsome husband. Two children, a boy nine and a girl seven. President of the PTA and a high school /teacher/">teacher before she became married with children. Extremely intelligent and witty. And a model once, a dozen years ago. She still looked like a model. Gorgeous. I told her about my job with the publishing company.

After a week of exercising next to one another and chatting incessantly, Victoria suggested that I come over to her house afterwards. ’We’ll have some lunch, Sarah. And you can help me with some computer stuff. I can’t seem to convert some dang text files into Microsoft Word. Let’s leave our cars here. We’ll jog. It’s only a couple blocks. You can shower at my house.’

’Okay, Victoria, sounds good to me. I’m starving. I usually go to Burger King right after working out. For a whopper.’

’For a whopper, ’eh?’ Her mischievous smile surprised me. ’No more Burger King for you! Wait until you try my special /surprise/">surprise. You’ll love it.’

’Can’t wait. What is it?’

’It’s a secret. You’ll find out soon enough.’

’Whatever you say, Victoria. I love surprises.’

I went right to Victoria’s computer when we got to her house and began to work with the files.

Victoria began to rub my shoulders expertly and massage my neck as I sat in the chair. It felt really good.

’I like the smell of sweat,’ Victoria commented after a few minutes, ’on a woman. You are beautiful, Sarah.’

’Me?’ I responded. ’Victoria, you look like you still are a top runway model.’

’You should have seen me when I was your age, before I had two kids. I’ve put on ten pounds since the modeling days.’

’Well, Victoria, you bokep sma pecah perawan must have been too skinny then because you’re just right now.’

Victoria was still standing behind me as I sat at the desk. Her hands moved off my shoulders. Down my front. She slipped her fingers into my sports bra top. Gently she fondled my breasts. I was too shocked to do anything. She removed her hands after a few moments and then spun the chair around so I faced her. 

’Sarah, I have a secret.’

’You told me, Victoria. Lunch.’

’No, not that. A really big secret.’

’Well, tell me! Curiosity killed the kitty.’

’Sarah, I like girls.’


’Girls. I like girls. I like you, Sarah. I like to make love to women. I want to make love to you, Sarah. I want to lick the sweat off your body. All of your body.’


’Does my secret surprise you, Sarah?’

’Well’uh’yeah. You have a husband. You have children. I mean, you are president of the PTA.’

Victoria laughed gaily. ’A husband is a good thing if you plan on having children. You might say that my husband and I have an open relationship. I have no secrets when it comes to him. And I love him dearly. He knows I like girls. I’m not a lesbian. Bi-sexual.’

’Uh’I don’t know what to say, Victoria.’

’You’re apprehensive about this? About being made love to by a woman?’

’Uh’yeah’I am. I never even thought about being with a woman. That way. I’ve never even seriously kissed another girl before. Little smooches for my family and girlfriends, but nothing’uh’you know.’

’Sarah, I won’t try to persuade you to do anything you don’t want old waman xxxgx to do. Do you think I could kiss you?’

’Uh’okay, I guess’uh’that would be okay, Victoria.’

Victoria held my face in her hands. Softly she brushed my lips with hers. And then she really kissed me. ’We are having French for lunch, Sarah,’ she whispered. I let her tongue sensuously explore my mouth. ’What did you think about the kiss, Sarah?’ 

’Girls can kiss better than guys,’ I responded seriously. And then we both giggled hysterically.

’The ’/kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss’ was first known as ’maraichinage’ which was a term to describe the prolonged, deep /kissing/tongue-kiss/">tongue kiss practiced by the Mairaichins, inhabitants of Brittany, France.’ 

’Is that where you are from, Victoria?’ I snickered and stood. We hugged and kissed again. It was even better standing up. Her mouth tasted so /sweet/">sweet.

Victoria began to undress me tentatively, waiting for my response. I covered her hands with mine and helped. Then we did her.

’Sarah, you are so beautiful. Your breasts are lovely.’ She fondled them gently.

I did the same to her breasts. ’You have the most incredible nipples, Victoria. The way the tips get so big.’

’Are you still apprehensive about this, Sarah?’

’No, strangely I’m not. It just feels so right. I’m very attracted to you, Victoria.’

’It is right, Sarah. I want you, Sarah. I want to make love to you.’

Victoria held my hand and led me to her bedroom.

For about fifteen minutes we explored each other’s body with our hands and tongues. Victoria did lick the sweat from my body. All of it. And I hers. The huge erect tips of her nipples continued to fascinate me. I couldn’t keep my lips off them.