Old Old Friends

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Old Old Friends

Ruth was an old friend from school and college days and married Pete's best friend. Part of a wider group of ex pat workers kids and a tight knit group of teenagers.

Pete really liked Ruth but she was madly in love with his /friend/best-friend/">best friend Darren so he consoled himself screwing as many of the other girls who wanted to get their knickers off. Girls are girls and have to tittle tattle to one another about their little secret liasons and Pete's reputation soon spread around the tight knit group of girls. With hs favourite book 'sold@ he contented himself at the lending library and was never short of company.

Ex pat families tend to move on to other countries and the group changed over three years before Pete, Darren and Ruth's and others families went in different directions due to the political climate of the day.

Back in the Uk they kept in touch for a while and then went in to carreers or to Uni and some followed their families moving around the world. Married life and family followed for most and the friends contact got less and less as the years rolled by. Pete by chance heard that Darren and Rith had divorced and Darren re-married and with a move of house the old frieds ere re aquainted.
For many years Pete had no idea of what happened to Ruth or where she went, it was as though she'd been aquainted by aliens.

Along came the intenet and reunion sites, Pete was persuaded by another old friend to put his name and details on a well known site and withing a couple of hours he got an email re contact from an old friend. Anna Rouse had been a tall well stacked blonde and with such a /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and sensitive tits. If sex had been an Oluympic sport they would have been gold medalists, when her family moved to Singapore she passed Mandy to Pete. A shy quiet english rose until she had her cherry popped and in her words was "ruined for any other man". Pete was very well endowed and girls can't keep a secret.

Anne only lived about 50 miles from Pete and they met up, her lovely face had changed little but a more matronly body and greying hair and the life as a farmers wife had taken its toll. A few of Annes hints were let to bypass Peter and they parted friends with a huge hug. Peter maet with a few other old friends at a reunion at a cambridgeshire hotel including Mandy and Den her husband who he remebered as the school nerd. He was some sort of scientific type and Mandy a GP. He always bored the pants of everybody at school and was always fed spiked drinks until he passed out. Nothing had changed over the years, Den was still a prat and Mo and Alan mixed half a glass of Vodka in with his two glass's of fruit punchand he fell asleep at the dinner table. Mandy seemed releived and Peter helped get him back to their room. He helped her pull his jacket off and covered him on one of the single beds. As Pete went to leave the room she called Peteeeeeeerrrrrrr and as he turned she dropped her dress revealing a quite trim body and a neat thong and her tits spilling from a silky bra. She turned and slowly rolled the thong down her legs before throwing it at Pete's face and took up a kneeling position on the bed her knees spread pussy gaping wide.

Peter quickly dopped his trousers and fucked her to a screaming orgasm only drowned by the noise from the Reunion Disco. Dropping to his knees he licked her pussy clean bringing Mandy off again before they quickly tidied themselves up and rejoined their friends. At 3 in the morning they were all a little drunk apart from Peter and Mandy who slipped in to Peters room, they set the Alarm for 8 as Mandy knew that Den would be out cold until Mid Day. Mandy's years of frustrations were relieved in the following hours and she slipped back to her single bed for a little sleep before they all met for Breakfast at ten apart from Den. Peter called at Mandy's Yorkshire surgery some 8 months later, only to be told that she was on maternity leave expecting a baby girl.

Ruth was still a distant memory when after a few years he received an email from Mandy telling him howhis daughter was and to check out the friends web site.

To his surprise there was Ruth's details and a brief round up on her life. In Business with two young daughters and doing OK. Mandy recieved and email from her but Peter's got no reply, at Christmas he sent another email and Ruth replied with photo's of her girls and a round up on her life and business. She'd gone in to business with a director from the company she'd gone to work for full hd xvideo download and married the much older guy and had the twins. She'd never recieved Pete's first email and the sent one another occasional emails but living at different ends of the country email was their only contact but she met with Mandy when visiting York.

Exchanging emails they talked of their interests and Ruth had taken upm swimming and senior Triathlon competitions. Emails were sporadic but both enjoyed hearing of one anothers news. Peter had to aplogise to Mandy as he was going to be working in France when she was on holiday near to his home and she asked if he would be near Paris as Ruth was attending client meetings there at the same time.

Pete often used the TGV trains and Paris was only just over an hour away on the high spped express and he made a date to meet Ruth at a hotel.

Saturday morning he jumped on the 10am Paris express and after a quick Metro ride he arrived at the very classy looking hotel and took coffee in the lounge. 12.30 came and went and he could see hotel staff scurrying around at the reception as some important guest arrived and he made the best job he could reading the French papers. He hardly glanced up as the tall svelte red head approached and passed him, his eyes noted her lightly tanned legs and killer fit thighs and tight tummy and he continued to read as a heady perfume filled his nostrils and a gloved hand turned his chin and he was kissed on both cheeks by the very fit read head. Ruth removed her dark designer sun glasses and her hat and coat and did a twirl and asked "surprised"? The teenage years of a slightly over weight podgy teenage girl had given way to a superbly fit glamourous 50 year old. She looked more like fit attractive mid 30's but Peter always remembered that he was two years and two days older than her. Ruth apologised for being late and explained that she'd had trouble at the desk and had ordered lunch. It then dawned on him that the excitement in the Reception had been for Ruth. Her company represented the hotel group so she got priority treatment.

So what do you think she said doing another twirl as all eyes looked at her and envied Peter. Her tight fitting short crepe wool dress hugged her superb figure. Fantastic legs and butt and then he tried not to stare at her ample firm tits. As they sat he lent forward and whispered "love the hair, /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits and Great body", "cheeky bloody sod" she retorted. "You've not improved" and they both went in to fits of laughter as the waitress brought coffee,cream and cognac. Ruth poured a little of the cognac in the coffee and floated cream atop of it and then two fairly large cognac's as she explained how she had taken to running after piling on the pounds after tha birth of her girls 18 years earlier. She'd been invited by friends to do charity breast cancer fun run and then 1/2 and full marathon before graduating to competitive triathlon. She poured another largish coganac and boldly giggled that with Micheal being so much older than her she needed to get somne sort of excersize. "I always hated being plump Ruth and a lady trainer friend taught me that my body had nothing to do with genes it was down to lack of excersize and she leaned back in the chair showing off her long toned legs and then crossed them in a Sharron Stone moment. Peter was sure hed seen bear beaver but dismissed it as they talked. Ruth stood and pulled the short dress down and took her friends hand as she announced "Lunch" an she led him towards the reception as he tried to pull her towards the restaurants. "I have the Penthouse suite and lunch is waiting for us". "penthouse suite" he asked. " Clients owe me she said as she giggled more and a door man reminded her of a code for the penthouse. They entered the elevator and Pete lent against the lift wall as Ruth pushed the door close button and he wondered about the Sharron Stone moment and he could now clearly see that there were no Bra straps and as best he could tell no knicker lines.

He laughed and asked if an old friend could just check on something, "of course" she said as she kept a finger on the lift button. Peter stepped forward and ran his hand from just above her knees up her outer thighs, slowly enjoying her smooth skin as without stopping his thumbs hooked under the tight hem of the tight skirt and he lifted the skirt above her waist to just under her tits and his fingers moved to under her tits cupping them as his thumbs rolled her hardening nipples and the dress cleared her tits. "What are you checking for" sighed Ruth. Pete rolled her tits with one hand as his other smoothed down over her tight belly to her smooth snatch and free porn movies download swelling clit that he gently rolled between thumb and fore finger. "just wanted to see if pussy is on the lunch menu" he hissed in her ear as the elevator stopped and the door opened into the penthouse as he lifted the dress over her head as she kicked her coat and bag through the door. Pushing forward he stpped and looked at her pussy framed by the crack at the top of her legs and Ruth lent forwards a hand on one knee as she looked back at him pouting and slowly running her tongue seductively around her lips as she ran her middle finger between her puusy lips and dipped it deep in her cunt slowly stroking it in and out.

P---leassssssssssssssssssssse she murmured as Peter shed his shirt and trousers hopping from foot to foot as he dispensed with shoes and socks as he went and he watched her busy middle finger shafting her glistening slippery cunt!

Petes cock was rapidly expanding as he appoached she looked so erotic as her hand got busier in her cunt and she quivered in her red killer heels. "Fuck Mandy" she hissed as Pete's hand met her busy fingers. Pete looked a little perplexed. "Mandy" he asked, She never said it was that big as she grabbed his big fat long cock.