The kidnapping of Kimberly

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The kidnapping of Kimberly

100% fiction!

"Mom, Im going for a jog" Kimberly said.
Her mother looked at the clock. "But it is 8:30, and it is getting dark."

Kimberly smirked. "Ill be back in twenty minutes." She put on her shoes and went out the door. Her mom was right. It was already dark out, and her only company on the street were dimmed streetlights.

She began with a steady jog, making sure that she did not go to fast. As she made her way down the street, she noticed a black van turning the corner. Thinking that it was her neighbor, who owned a black van, she gave the driver a smile, and a friendly wave.

The car drove closer, and Kimberly simply kept jogging, ignoring the van. But the van began to slow down, and approach closer to her. As the vehicle got closer, Kimberly got a better look of the driver. It was not her neighbor, but a male with determined eyes, and strong arms.
Kimberly grew nervous. She tried her best to simply keep jogging, and made herself believe that it was just a man driving home. But the driver got closer, and soon, it came to a stop. Almost immediately the man jumped out of the car and ran after Kimberly, who was now running full speed down the street. But the man was faster. He grabbed Kimberlys waist, and covered her mouth with an elastic band.

Kimberly tried to scream, but only muffling sounds came out from behind the band. The man was strong, and with little effort was able to drag Kimberly to the van.
After shoving her into the car, he slammed the door. Before anything, he tied Kimberlys hands to a hook that was attached to the wall. He also searched her pockets, and removed her cell phone and ipod.

Satisfied, the man sat in the drivers seat,m and drove away. Kimberly struggled against the restraints that held her wrists, and made soft whimpering sounds that made the man angry.
"Shut up /bitch/">bitch!" he commanded. He turned around and gave Kimberly an evil look. "As long as we are on our way to my office, lets go over a few rules, since I am guessing this is all new to you, am I right?"
Kimberly nodded, not making a sound.
"You will refer to me as /master/">master. If you do not, you will be punished."
Kimberlys heart raced at the word "punished."

The man went on. "My name is Joey, but you will never call me by my name. EVER." He stressed. "You must always do as I say, if you want to be safe, or else you may get hurt. Never refuse any of my commands, and most importantly, make me happy." Kimberly shook. "Understand?" he asked. She remained silent. "UNDERSTAND?" he asked again.
"Yesh Masthar" Kimberly managed to say, glad that she found the right words, and remembering the most important rule.

As they drove along, Kimberly cried softly to herself. He arms ached from being held up for so long, and she grew afraid that she would never see her family again. Joey wanted something, and she knew what it was. She knew that if she got out of this situation, she may be /pregnant/">pregnant, and without a doubt no longer be a virgin. She was aware of these kidnappings, but she never thought that it would ever happen to her, let alone by a man as evil and frightening as Joey.

The van soon came to a halt. "Welcome to my work, pet." The windows were dark, and Kimberly could not see where they were. As Joey worked at the knots that secured her wrists, she remained perfectly still. Even when her arms were free, she stayed in place, remembering that Joey could hurt her if she tried to escape.
"/good/good-girl/">good girl, Kimmy." He coed. Kimberlys eyes widened, surprised that he knew her name. As he noticed her look, he chuckled.
"I am no fool Kimmy, I read all of you text messages on the way here."

Kimberly groaned to herself, as Joey grabbed a piece of rope from a shelf in the back of the van.

He wrapped the rope around he waist, and near her back, he made a knot, allowing a trail of rope to dangle from her back. He then took that piece of rope, and passed it between her legs, then pulled it through the rope tied around her waist in the front. Then he made a knot, and pulled the rope extremely tightly, so that it put pressure on her pussy. Kimberly whined at the pain, getting the feeling as if she was being split in two. Joey grabbed the remaining tail of rope danging sexxxx video ful hd in front of her, and pulled her out of the van.
"This is a crotch rope, you probably understand why, but I am temporarily using it as a leash to lead you into my office."

Kimberly nodded, trying to ignore the pain. Joey led her to a large shed, and he opened the wooden doors to a dark room. She heard the doors slam behind her, and the lights flicker on. She gasped as she examined the room. Rope was coiled around hooks on the walls, and there were shelves of little tools, that Kimberly had never seen before. Hooks dangled from the ceiling, and there were chairs scattered around the room. "Welcome to your new home, pet." Joey said.
"First things first," Joey said, removing the crotch rope from Kimmy, "remove your clothes." Hesitantly, Kimmy took off her shit and her /gym/">gym shorts. Joey chuckled.

"Silly girl, ALL of your clothes." Kimmy frowned, and slowly removed her panties and her bra, showing off her shaved pussy, and 34 B sized breasts.
"My, my Kimmy! You are a beautiful girl." Joey said. Kimmy blushed, and tried her best to ignore the fact that she was naked in front of this man. Joey reached out and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed, and pulled, and twisted. Kimmy moaned, but more out of pleasure than pain.

"How does this feel?" he asked.
"Wonderful, Master." She answered. Joey smiled, and continued to fondle her breasts and nipples. "You have lovely tits, Kimmy."
"Thank you, Master." She answered. Joey smiled.
"Good girl, you thanked me when I gave you a compliment. This is a great start pet." He assured. Joey walked behind Kimmy, and felt her breasts from behind. He cupped each breast, and squeezed them. This time, he pulled upwards on her breasts, so that she was lifted off the ground. Kimmy squealed, as Joey held her up for a few seconds. He finally let her down, and moved his attention to he ass. He gave each cheek a firm xxx sex video download free com smack, and Kimmy jumped at each one.
"Thank me." Joey commanded.
"Thank you, Master." she obeyed.

"Good, very good." He said. He moved back to her front and sneaked his hand to her pussy. He rubbed her clit, as she moaned with pleasure.
"You are enjoying this, are you not?" he said.
"Yes Master." Kimmy moaned. He stopped, and led Kimmy to a chair. She sat down, as he grabbed coils of rope from the wall. The began by tying Kimmys arms to the arms of the chair, making sure they were very secure. Next, He bent over, and tied her legs to the legs of the chair, leaving her legs open, and pussy exposed.

"Very nice." He said. Satisfied with his work, he walked over to his shelf of tools, and grabbed a white stick, with a rounded edge.
"You know what this is, right Kimmy?" He asked her, motioning to the tool. Kimmy shook her head.
"No? Well, this will be a delightful /surprise/">surprise." He turned back the shelf, and grabbed a cloth. He tied the cloth around Kimmys head, covering her eyes, so she could not see what Joey was doing with the tool. After her eyes were covered, she heard a buzzing. Confused, she made a small sound. No sooner had she made this sound, she felt a sudden feeling in the pussy that was incredibly sensational.
"OH MASTER!" she yelled.

Joey chuckled. "This is a vibrator, pet," he explained, "do you like it?"
"Ohhhh.............yes master! I do! I LOVE it!" He hips moved around in the chair, and she felt her gentile organ tense, and he pussy started to throb.
"Oh yes, cum to me my pet." Joey said, and he turned the vibrator to 10, and pressed it harder against her clit.
"Oh my!! Oh Master! Oh.may I orgasm?" she asked.

"Yes pet, orgasm! he commanded. Almost immediately, the chair was soaked, and Kimmy let out more moans.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh....thank you Master." She said. She was so satisfied at her orgasm, but the vibrator remained in place. She felt hey pussy throb again, and the let out yet another orgasm."

She moaned more, and grew tired, but the vibrator did not move. Joey left the vibrator on her clit, and watched Kimmys eyes widen as she let out orgasm after orgasm.
"Oh this will be a fun week my dear." Joey said, and he kissed Kimmy on her lips, as she let out another orgasm.

*** TO BE CONTINUED! Let me know what u think, and give me ideas as to what should happen day two! THANKS!